The integration of governance and management produces the correct approach to transdisciplinarity as the optimal dimension for the implementation of management processes for high quality projects, guarantees efficiency, clear communication, alignment of objectives, mitigation of direct and indirect risks and projects them into a successful future dimension. 

Study & Research

E.Di.Ma.S offers consultancy services for private and public companies and also for all professionals in the sectors of environmental protection, socio-economic development, and social security (defence, public health, and civil protection).

Consultancy & Planning

E.Di.Ma.S offers consultancy and protection services to governments, institutions, and public and private structures, through the network of the International Association of Prevention manager and Emergency Governance.

Born and promoted by the main statutory social action of E.Di.Ma.S., which has always been characterized by a high ethical sense for the social promotion of system resilience.


The training activities of E.Di.Ma.S. are characterized by multidisciplinary managerial level training programs in the areas of :

  • environmental protection.
  • socio-economic development.
  • social security (defence, public health, and civil protection).

WHO we are


E.Di.Ma.S is a Social Promotion Association born in November 2011, which mainly deals with Prevention Management & Emergency Management at an interdisciplinary level, in particular in the areas of environmental protection, socio-economic development, and social security, through strategic and integrated planning.

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