“Our mission is to support and integrate the principles of design for integrated strategic planning in the three transdisciplinary macro areas of environment, socio-economics and social security, for the safe socio-economic development of markets and territories, and also to optimize the governance of the connected complexities to any crises and emergencies. We collaborate closely with government authorities, institutions and private individuals to improve system preparedness, response and resilience. We promote proactive strategies and sustainable practices, aim to mitigate risks, protect communities and safeguard resources Our efforts aim to improve social, economic and cultural development on a national, European and global scale.”


“We imagine a future in which the professionals who support decision makers are highly trained and respond to certified and universal ethical and professional requirements, to guarantee effective system resilience, essential for sustainable growth. We conduct initiatives that promote innovative and proactive measures for optimal governance and we aspire to create safer environments and more prosperous societies. Through collaboration, knowledge and continuous sharing of processes between all actors who live, study and work in a given territory, we prepare communities to face. challenges with trust and efficiency. In summary, our vision is to create a more resilient world where global prevention practices become concrete pillars for the progress and well-being of societies.

Transdisciplinary Knowledge To Change The World

WHO we are



E.Di.Ma.S. is a Third Sector body – non-profit Social Promotion Association – founded on 23 November 2011, and is mainly concerned with spreading the culture of Prevention Management (integrated strategic planning) and Governance Emergency Management (governance of the complexities connected to crises and emergence), in the three thematic macro areas: – environment, – socio-economics – healt security (defence, public health, civil protection). The Study Center also carries out consultancy – planning – professional training programs – training for school teachers. EDiMaS was also the first organization to promote and study the “Systemic Resilience Indices” (quantitative and qualitative) in favor of the multi-risk analyzes essential to create integrations between the multiple plans that exist in the territory and for the creation of “performance indicators ” to be carried out in the planning of activities connected to European, national and regional tenders.  Since 2014 EDiMaS has been promoting new governance models, including Local Management Authorities (level III) – Local Cohesion Agencies to determine the increasingly necessary integrated approach at the local level. Since 2016 EDiMaS has been a partner of ASVIS – Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development.


Transdisciplinary knowledge, integrating environmental, socioeconomic, and security insights, is pivotal in addressing complex global challenges. By bridging these diverse fields, we foster innovative solutions that transcend traditional boundaries, ensuring sustainable development and societal resilience. Environmental science offers crucial data on ecosystem health and climate change, while socioeconomic studies provide insights into human behavior and economic systems. Security perspectives, both national and human, ensure the protection and stability necessary for progress. This holistic approach promotes a comprehensive understanding of interconnected global issues, empowering us to create informed policies and strategies that can drive transformative change and build a more sustainable and equitable world.

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