Study & Research

E.Di.Ma.S offers consultancy services for private and public companies and also for all the professionals in the sectors of environmental protection, socio-economic development, and social security (defence and civil protection).

Consultancy & Planning

E.Di.Ma.S offers consultancy and protection services to governments, institutions, and public and private structures, through the network of the European Association of Prevention and Emergency Managers.

Born and promoted by the main statutory social action of E.Di.Ma.S., which has always been characterized by a high ethical sense for the social promotion of system resilience.


The training activities of E.Di.Ma.S. are characterized by multidisciplinary managerial level training programs in the areas of :

  • environmental protection;
  • socio-economic development;
  • social security (protection and civil defence).

Multidisciplinary University Master

In 2012, for the first time in Europe, the first connection was made between interuniversity higher education masters (with the issue of University training credits) and the multidisciplinary subject of Emergency Management, in the Social Sciences Area.

In 2013 we started to study the Competence Certification model, requested by E.Di.Ma.S. to an international certification body.
In 2016 the Masters have been accredited in the State University and sheduled within the departments of enginnering, centre of information and mathematic and they guarantee 60 and 120 CFU.
In 2019 the multidisciplinary University Masters’ project was presented in the Italian European Parliament’s office, in the presence of the national rapresentatives of different members states.

To date there are two 2nd level masters proposed by E.Di.Ma.S. :

  • O.P.E.M (Official of Prevention and Emergency Management)
  • E.M.C.P (Emergency Management of Civil Protection)

A.Y. 2020-2021- the O.P.E.M. and E.M.C.P. Masters will take place at the LUMSA University, based in Rome, via Pompeo Magno, 22.

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