EMCP - Emergency Management of Civil Protection. Expert in the planning and management of crises and emergencies

Presentation of the course and objectives

The EMCP Master is aimed at training and updating the Emergency Manager, the professional figure dedicated to managing the complexities of crises and emergencies. Private structures and institutions, primarily those of civil protection, have the task of ensuring the safety of citizens and guaranteeing them the minimum essential services that contribute to increasing the resilience of the system. The Master’s training objectives include the complex of theoretical and methodological knowledge and instrumental cognitive supports of a managerial, economic, legal, mathematical-statistical nature, to operate with adequate skills in management and coordination functions.

Admission requirements
Master’s degree or specialist degree or degree before Ministerial Decree 509/1999 (old system) or other university qualification obtained abroad recognized as suitable. 

Professional profile
The Emergency Manager bases its foundations on strategic and integrated planning; coordinates the company’s Emergency Management staff and works in close synergy with the decision maker using managerial skills and technological innovations for the following governance activities:

  • Corporate EM coordination;
  • Integrated emergency management;
  • Institutional communication;
  • Coordination of corporate administrative and technical-scientific functions;

As a freelancer he acts as a consultant in Prevention and Emergency Management at a national and international level.

The multidisciplinary course is intended without distinction for graduates of any discipline (Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, Geology, Science and Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Law, Political Sciences, Management Sciences, Communication and Information Sciences, Prevention and Safety Sciences, etc.), as well as to all Professionals and Operators in the following sectors: civil protection, health, environment, security, defence, socio-economics, international cooperation, euro-planning, intergovernmental and social relations.

Title awarded
Second level university master’s degree in EMCP – Emergency Management of Civil Protection Expert in crisis and emergency planning and management . The achievement is subject to attendance of no less than 80% of the total lessons and passing the intermediate tests and the final exam. The Master’s degree awards 60 CFU.

Contents and structure

of Law, Economics, Politics and Modern Languages

Scientific reference area
> Interdisciplinary scientific group

Prof. Filippo Giordano
Dr. Giuseppe Coduto

Deputy director
Eng. Giulio Marcucci

Scientific Committee
Prof. Filippo Giordano
Prof. Vincenzo Caretti
Dr. Giuseppe Coduto
Eng. Giulio Marcucci
Eng. Enrico Colaiacovo
Attorney Sergio Contessa

Minimum number of participants: 18
Maximum number of participants: 30
Total hours of training divided as follows:
Theoretical and practical lessons: 350 hours
FAD modules: 150 hours
Thematic insights: 125 hours
Internship/Project work: 400 hours
Exercises: 75 hours
Intermediate checks and final thesis: 200 hours
Individual study, self-training assisted by tutors, research groups, consultancy and supervision, etc.: 200 hours
Total 1,500 hours
Teaching delivery method: blended (some hours will be delivered in FAD – Distance Learning)
Language of teaching delivery: Italian

Costs and scholarships

Cost: €5,016.00 including the virtual stamp duty of €16 (refundable exclusively in the event of failure to activate/not be admitted to the Master. The virtual stamp duty will not be refunded).

The payment is divided as follows:

  • First instalment: €616.00 including the virtual stamp duty of €16 (refundable exclusively in the event of failure to activate/not be admitted to the Master. The virtual stamp duty will not be refunded).
  • Second instalment: €1,500.00 within 2 months of activation of the Master
  • Third instalment: €1,500.00 within 3 months of activation of the Master
  • Fourth instalment: €1,400.00 within 4 months of activation of the Master

The installment of the registration fee is only a concession granted to the student: therefore, any waiver does not exempt from paying the entire amount of the fee.

The first installment to be paid upon registration must be paid by bank transfer to:
LUMSA – Intesa Sanpaolo
IBAN code IT 43 S 03069 05238 100000001983

(in the reason specify your name and surname and the title of the course).

The installments following the first installment can be paid with PagoPA by accessing the student’s personal area, via the Mi@Lumsa portal (https://servizi.lumsa.it) .
You can print a payment notice or make the payment directly online.
Copies of receipts for payments made must be sent to: iscrivemaster@lumsa.it

NB: being up to date with the payment of fees is an essential condition for being admitted to the final exam.


1. By virtue of the implementation agreement between LUMSA and the Department of Civil Service, all public employees will benefit from a discount equal to 50% of the registration fee. Cost: €2,516.00 including the virtual stamp duty of €16 (refundable exclusively in the event of failure to activate/non-admission to the Course. The virtual stamp duty will not be refunded). The payment is divided as follows:

  • First instalment: €616.00 including the virtual stamp duty of €16 (refundable exclusively in the event of failure to activate/not be admitted to the Master. The virtual stamp duty will not be refunded).
  • Second instalment: €950.00 within 2 months of activation of the Master
  • Third instalment: €950.00 within 3 months of activation of the Master

2. A discount of €300.00 is applied to the last installment of the registration fee of €5,016.00 for Roma Capitale employees, their spouses and children.


INPS scholarships
The master is accredited by INPS for 3 scholarships covering the total registration fee with the exception of the virtual stamp duty of €16 to be paid by the student. In case of non-admission or activation of the master’s degree, the virtual stamp duty will not be refunded.
The presentation of the master’s degree is scheduled for 15 January 2024 at 11 am in the Glass Room of the LUMSA headquarters in via di Porta Castello, 44.
INPS competition notice

The benefits and scholarships provided cannot be combined.


National Council of Geologists and European Federation of Geologists
IAPEG International Association of Prevention and Emergency Governance
Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Special Office for the Reconstruction of L’Aquila – Special Office for the Reconstruction of the Crater – University of L’Aquila
AGIPE Managers Association Italians Prevention and Emergencies

Location and times

Online headquarters and LUMSA headquarters, Via Pompeo Magno 28, Rome

12 months

April – 2024 – February 2025

Lessons will take place on Saturday at the following times:
Morning from 9.00 to 13.00
Afternoon from 14.00 to 18.00

Some lessons will be carried out through the Google Meet platform in synchronous mode.

Internships and project work

The 200-hour internship is envisaged and can be carried out in public and private structures affiliated with the E.Di.Ma.S. Study Center. on national, European or international territory.

Apply now

How to sign up

Expiry date : 7 March 2024 (extended to 17 March 2024)

Expiry date for aspiring INPS Executive scholarship holders : 7 March 2024

Selection of participants in the master

Ranking of suitable candidates – INPS Executive scholarships for the academic year 2023/2024

The management reserves the right to extend the registration deadline and to postpone the start of the master’s course while respecting the completion deadline. Only failure to activate the Master gives the right to a refund of the fee paid.

Personal data registration
To access the services that LUMSA makes available to its students, it is mandatory to register your personal data: Mi@Lumsa (https://servizi.lumsa.it)  →  Registration . At the end of the procedure, the login and password are issued to access the personal profile. Without this registration it will not be possible to formalize the registration.

How to submit the application
The  application for registration , accompanied by the required documents, must be sent to the following email address: iscrivemaster@lumsa.it

Documents to attach to the application:

  • registration application  duly completed and signed by hand
  • Copy of a  valid  identification document and  tax code .
  • For citizens of European Union countries: copy of  the European identity card and/or passport .
  • For non-European citizens, copy of the  residence permit  or copy of the appointment at the Police Headquarters to request the residence permit; copy of the  passport  and  visa .
  • Duly signed self-certification of the university qualification  obtained or of the relevant certificate indicating the degree grade. If you have a  qualification obtained abroad,  you must attach to your application the final qualification in original (or certified copy), its translation into Italian and the Declaration of value or certificate issued by ENIC-NARIC centres. (for information visit the CIMEA website ). For European qualifications, attach only the Diploma supplement. Enrollment remains subject to the assessment of the suitability of the qualification by the academic bodies.
  • Foreign students must also send the high school diploma obtained with at least 12 years of schooling, to which must be added: a) CIMEA comparability certificate or Declaration of value issued by the Italian embassy of the country of study. b) CIMEA verification certificate or the Apostille issued by the Italian embassy of the country of study. c) Sworn/legalized translation into Italian (only for documents drawn up in languages ​​other than English, French, Spanish, German).
  • Qualifications issued by university institutes of ecclesiastical studies based in Italy approved by the Holy See: students in possession of these qualifications must attach a copy of the same endorsed by the competent ecclesiastical authorities (for information visit the Dicastery for Culture and Education website Catholic Church . Candidates must produce the original at the time of actual registration.
  • Beneficiaries of discounted rates : self-certification relating to belonging to the categories indicated in the costs and scholarships box.
  • Copy of the payment receipt of the fee to be paid upon registration (refundable exclusively in the event of failure to activate/not be admitted to the master’s course) to be paid by bank transfer to :
    LUMSA – Intesa Sanpaolo

    IBAN code IT 4 3S 03069 05238 100000001983 (in the reason specify name and surname and the title of the Master). Registration fees remain outside the scope of VAT, therefore, no invoice can be issued.
  • Your photo in JPEG format  that has the following characteristics: recent, with a width of 35-40 mm, with a close-up shot of the face and shoulders, in focus and sharp; high quality, on a light and solid color background, max 5 MB.

LUMSA may in any case request additional documentation.



Master secretariat of E.Di.Ma.S .: master@edimas.net
Dr. Patrizia Ferrazzo – mobile 392 3562333

Administrative information
LUMSA Master School Secretariat

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